Mixed Up

Kira Golden needed a job, and just about anything would do. When she walked up the steps of the imposing Enkidu Industries building, she thought she’d just be interviewing for the receptionist position. She never expected to come face to face with a naked man.

Parker Bernier is a world-famous entrepreneur, and he has the ego that goes with it. Nothing seems out of bounds for the handsome blond billionaire, and he’s not afraid to do what it takes to have his way. That includes having his way with Kira’s body.

Captivated by his skill and charm, Kira finds herself giving him more than her body. There’s another man after her heart though, and he’s not about to give up. When secret lovers come to light, there’s no way of knowing if Parker’s feelings are sincere, or if he’s just setting Kira up to fall.

This book was part of the Red Hot Alphas Boxed Set. If you previously purchased the boxed set, then you already own this novel.

Mixed Up is a stand alone novel that does not end in a cliffhanger.

Spice Level: Smokin’ Hot

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Urges: Part Three

Urges: Part ThreeThis is the final part of Urges, a dark romance series by USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan. A tumultuous love affair with her boss has left Fennel Riegel feeling completely destroyed. All she wants to do is get away from the man who threw her trust back into her face. Getting away from him is easier said than done though when he seems to be on the hot pursuit.

After finding a new job and settling into a place of her own, Fennel thought that life was finally returning to normal. Trent Stevens has other plans though. He’s going to follow Fennel to the ends of the earth and do whatever it takes to get her back, including disclosing his darkest secrets.

Spice Level: Hot.

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My Experience with Kindle Worlds

Today I thought I would do a post about my experience publishing with Kindle Worlds. It has been exactly four months since I published on the Kindle Worlds platform, so I think I’ve been on it long enough to have formed an educated opinion about the program. Please keep in mind that Kindle Worlds should not be confused with Kindle Direct Publishing or Kindle Scout. They’re all owned by Amazon, but they’re different programs.

What is Kindle Worlds?

In a nutshell, Kindle Worlds is legal fanfic. Basically, whenever an author has a popular series or serial, Amazon will approach the author and ask if the author will give other authors permission to publish in their ‘Worlds’, which is basically using the same characters, locations, and plots from the original storyline. When an author chooses to publish a Kindle Worlds story, they relinquish the rights to any characters that they may create for that story, and the rights are passed over to the original author to use the characters however they see fit. The original author also receives a percentage of the royalties in exchange for allowing the Kindle Worlds author to write in their ‘World’. For a better explanation of how Kindle Worlds works, go here: How Kindle Worlds Works.

How I got involved with Kindle Worlds

I will be the first to admit that Kindle Worlds had zero appeal to me when it first rolled out. None of my other author friends seemed very interested in it either. First, you’re writing about someone else’s characters. Second, you don’t control the price of the book once it’s released. Amazon sets the price based on predetermined factors. And finally, you have to split a portion of your royalties with the original author. Most authors who have had a lot of success on their own typically don’t want to have to deal with something like that.

I was actually contacted by a Kindle Worlds representative because he read my The Billionaires Club Series and thought that my writing style would be a good fit for the program. Specifically, he wanted me to do a story for The Arrangement, which I admittedly had not read up to that point.

It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted to do it. Obviously, The Arrangement series is popular, and writing in that particular world would give me access to part of Holly’s fanbase. More importantly though, someone at Amazon took notice of my work. And when someone from Amazon directly contacts you to work on a project, it’s probably a good idea to take it.

What was writing in someone else’s World like?

The short version is that it was a nightmare. For me, at least. To start, I had never read any of The Arrangement series before I accepted the project, so I went in blind. After accepting the project, I went on a several day reading binge to get myself up to speed on The Arrangement series, and I have to say it was a pretty emotional journey.

I had never written fanfic of any type before. And I admittedly had a really hard time connecting with any of the characters. Not that the characters weren’t great, because they were. If I’m going to write about someone though, I need to feel like I can get inside their head, and the only person that really resonated with me was Gabe.

I knew at the time that he wasn’t a popular choice. There were so many other great characters that would have had more commercial appeal. But I felt like I got his character, so I decided to do a backstory on him.

Part of working with Kindle Worlds is to make your story blend seamlessly into someone else’s World. To me, that meant mimicking Holly’s writing style, which was difficult, in and of itself. My writing style is typically very short and to the point, where hers is very descriptive. So making that adjustment was challenging.

There were also a whole lot of snags with word count issues and editing that I ended up dealing with(not my editor’s fault), including me magically deleting several pages of manuscript. If it could go wrong with the project, it did.

How was marketing handled?

I’m blessed with a lot of great readers. As soon as the book was released, I mailed out to my list. I also paid for some advertising, mainly because I wanted to get the book up there in the ranks of Kindle Worlds. I think the highest it reached was #3 overall in the Kindle Worlds store, which is pretty good.

One great thing about Kindle Worlds is that they pimp the books for you. Kindle Worlds sends out occasional tweets and promo, and Holly did the same. From what I understand, most of the original authors tend to pimp the books, because they make money from them too. For the relatively small amount of effort it takes to write a Kindle Worlds book, the shared-marketing aspect alone can really make it worth your time.

How were sales?

Because Kindle World books are frequently getting pimped by Kindle Worlds and the original author, sales are pretty steady. Of course, the biggest boost is when the book is first released and you do your initial marketing, but you’ll also get a bump every time Kindle Worlds and/or the original author promote it.

Would I do it again?

Writing for Kindle Worlds was the most stressful project I have ever undertaken in my entire writing career. This was probably more due to the fact that I was under contract though. Anyone can write a book for Kindle Worlds. You don’t have to be selected by Amazon to do it. If you are selected though, things are a bit different. For instance, I had a deadline(they’re pretty lenient with it, but you still have one).

I was actually offered another contract after writing The Arrangement: Gabe. I did not accept it. Aside from being extremely stressed from having just finished a project with so many problems, I wanted to give the book time to see what it would do before I committed to another project.

Financially, I’m pleased with how everything turned out. Due to the stress of the project though, and the difficulties I faced writing in someone else’s ‘World’, I probably wouldn’t do it again unless I was pretty strapped for cash.

Overall, I think it’s a great program for those who are trying to get their name out there. As I mentioned above, one of the advantages of working on a Kindle Worlds book is that you get to tap into the original author’s fanbase. You also get the advantage of having Amazon promote for you.

Kindle Worlds isn’t for everyone though. Amazon does vet the books that go through the program, so you can’t just submit crap. They want books that are edited and have at least a semi-decent cover. Each World has its own set of rules, and you have to follow them. And obviously, you should be familiar with any World you write in.

Basically, if you enjoy writing fanfic and really love one of the available Worlds, then I would recommend writing for Kindle Worlds. If you have a difficult time channeling characters that aren’t your own, I would take a pass.



Urges: Part Two

Urges: Part TwoThis is the second part of Urges, a dark romance series by USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan.

Trent Stevens has Fennel so turned around that she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. An unexpected tryst in his office has her questioning if their relationship has turned from professional to personal.

When he starts giving her the cold shoulder, it quickly becomes apparent that things aren’t what they seem. He plays a dangerous game of push and pull with both her emotions and her body. While he tells her to stay away, his actions speak the opposite.

Fennel’s too intrigued to give up on Trent. There’s a dark sexiness about him that she’s yearned to experience. But when he finally lets her in, what he shows her is far beyond anything she could have imagined.

Disclaimer: This book ends in a cliffhanger.
Spice Level: Smokin’ Hot.

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Back to the Heart – On Kindle Scout

What is Kindle Scout?

Kindle Scout is a program where Amazon allows authors to submit books to them for publication through Kindle Press. Readers nominate books that they’d like to see published, but Amazon makes the ultimate decision based on different variables.

How does this benefit readers?

Every time you nominate a book(you can only nominate each book once), it gets added to your nomination panel, which holds up to three book nominations at a time. If Amazon chooses one of the books you nominated for publication, you will receive a free advanced copy of the book when it is published. To learn more about the Kindle Scout program, you can click here to be taken to the official website.

Why I chose to try Kindle Scout

When the Kindle Scout program rolled out, I decided to write a novel for it, mostly for shits and giggles, and also because I have an interest in what the program can actually do for a book. I like to have my hands in a bit of everything when it comes to the self-publishing industry, because it helps me to evolve my business and roll with the punches that are constantly changing the industry. In that regard, I’d really love it if you could nominate my book. Below are the book details and the link to nominate.

Back to the Heart

Back to the HeartThe past few months have been hard on Ana. After being seduced by her boss, fired from her job, and ending up pregnant, she was forced to give up her independence and return home.

Ryan has spent the last six months pretending to be someone else. Little white lies never seemed to hurt anyone until he met Ana and fell in love.

After being betrayed, Ana swore to guard her heart, but Ryan isn’t giving up so easily. He knows what he wants, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make Ana his.

Click here to nominate this book for publication.


UrgesFennel Riegel was looking for a good time. After losing her job and winding up having to move back home, all she wanted was a night to forget herself in the arms of a random hookup. Someone had other plans for her though. When the night goes awry, Fennel finds herself more stressed out than she was before.

Trent Stevens is both the man of Fennel’s dreams and her nightmares. He swooped in to rescue her from herself and then disappeared without a trace, leaving Fennel confused and mentally scarred. When he resurfaces to save the day again, she can’t figure out if he’s good or bad. All she knows is that there’s a darkness about him that intrigues her.

This is part one of a three-part series. Part two will be released mid-January.

Available on Amazon US

Available on Amazon UK

Red Hot Alphas

ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Over 1700 pages of brand-new novels from your favorite NYT and USAT bestselling authors!

redReady to get HOT? Eleven top-selling authors have banded together to bring you 11 ALL-NEW romantic novels of love, passion, and thrilling suspense.

These sexy, alpha men–from an orphaned tattoo artist, a partying rock star drummer with a secret past, a motorcycle club V.P. who’s an undercover cop, an actor with abs of steel, a world-famous billionaire entrepreneur, a werewolf shifter lost in his wild wolf, a jazz musician with darker tastes, a private investigator with a hunger for more than justice, a professional skateboarder that she used to know, to a European nobleman with a touch of magic, and a hunky firefighter with a killer smile and a dangerous job–will win your heart, your soul, and your body, because nothing less will satisfy them.

From first kisses to dangerous encounters and second chances at love, we’ve gathered all 11 BRAND NEW novels in one big box, giving you a heart-pounding collection filled with confident, sexy, and mysterious alpha men you’ll fall madly in love with.

All these novels are all brand new and exclusive to the Red Hot Alpha Box Set, and they are NOT available anywhere else! If you see your favorite author in here, then YES, this is a new story that you haven’t read yet.

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Micah (Damage Control 1) by Jo Raven – She saved his life but doesn’t know him. He knows her but won’t tell her who he is for fear of losing her. Isn’t love weird?

Somebody to Love (Rock Stars in Disguise: Tryp) by Blair Babylon – Meet Tryp, the rock star drummer for Killer Valentine. He’s young, he’s rich, and his life is perfect, just as long as he never sobers up.

Hot Pursuit (An Iron Tornadoes MC Romance) by Olivia Rigal – What could be worst for an undercover cop than embracing the spirit of the MC he has infiltrated? Falling hard for a woman who loves the biker he is supposed to be.

Meeting Mr. Steele by Melanie Marchande – She hired an actor to play her romance author alter ego at public appearances, but she didn’t count on him stealing her heart.

Mixed Up by Sky Corgan – When Kira walked up the steps of the Enkidu Industries building for a job interview, she never expected to find her potential new employer completely naked.

Midnight Moonlight by V. J. Chambers – A werewolf twist on “Beauty and the Beast:” Trapped with a wild man. Drawn to his ferocious heat. She will fight to get free and to tame him, to bring back his humanity.

Sorority Saint by Daizie Draper – When a brash musician entices a shy dancer into performing in his sexy jazz video, the heated tension between these polar opposites could ignite lasting passion or completely scorch them both.

Crossed (A Prequel to the Crossed Series) by Lacey Silks – She is looking for the one. He never thought the one existed. But the one thing that connects them can also tear them apart.

Get To Me (8th Sin Series, Book 1) by Holly Hood – Sometimes the past and present can cloud your future.

Electric Blue Butterflies (Will o’ the Wisp Series #1) by Irma Geddon – When an arranged marriage between childhood soul mates ends in tragedy, Constance learns to trust that love knows no limit—not even death.

Sweetest Temptations (Blue Collar Series, #1) by J.C. Valentine – A tenacious bakery shop owner has everything she ever wanted, until a hunky firefighter walks through her door.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Gr0aEO

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Between Two Billionaires: The Complete Series

Between Two Billionaires, the complete series, finally together in one boxed set.


Sarah Palmer lives in her own little bubble. Life consists of work at the coffee shop, chatting online with friends, and trying her best to uphold the morals she was taught in Catholic school.

Her step-sister Ethel is the complete opposite.

When Ethel guilts Sarah into sneaking into a party under the guise of being strippers, Sarah’s entire world turns upside down. Everything she thought she knew about herself is changing, and she doesn’t know how to stop it.

What was supposed to be a night of trespassing and fun quickly turns into an unexpected love affair with a handsome stranger. Tristan Locke is perfect. Too perfect. And Sarah’s about to learn that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.


Tristan Locke is perfect. Perfectly damaged. A past marred in loss has made him apprehensive to form a relationship with anyone. Until he meets Sarah Palmer.

Abandoning her religious upbringing, Sarah launches into a strained relationship with Tristan. It’s hard to tell what his intentions are, however, when he runs smoking hot one minute and lukewarm the next.

Luckily for Sarah, she’s able to get insider information about Tristan from his brother Shawn. However, Shawn might not be the good guy whom he’s making himself out to be.


Tristan Locke has secrets that run so deep they’ve warped his entire life. After claiming he killed his fiance, he does his best to push Sarah away. Shawn isn’t about to let that happen though.

Find out what happens when the truth is revealed and Sarah is forced to make the ultimate decision.

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Taxes for Self-Employed Authors

Death and taxes, the two guaranteed things in life. Let me start this post by saying that I am not a tax professional, and what I have written below should not be taken as legal or financial council(this is pretty much a disclaimer to cover my ass). For your safety, it is always best to consult a tax professional in regards to matters that involve the IRS.

What I am going to tell you is how I handle taxes every year and how you can figure out how much money you should be saving back.

2013 was not the first year that I filed self-employment taxes, but it was the first year that I had any significant amount to claim(an amount exceeding $10,000). Prior to last year, I always paid my self-employment taxes and income at the end of the year, because the amount I was making was so little that the money I made from a day job usually covered things.

I have been doing my own taxes for the past ten years. I also do the taxes of my close friends and family. I worked as a tax preparer for Jackson Hewitt for three months many moons ago, and thanks to modern technology, doing taxes isn’t as daunting as it once was. Just wanted to give a bit of background so that you guys know that even though I make a lot more money than I ever have before, I still do my own taxes. And for anyone who wants to know what software I use to do my taxes, I’ve been using H&R Block the past few years. I think it costs me about $20 to file my taxes with their software.

At the beginning of 2013, which was shortly after I quit my day job, I realized that for the first time ever, I was going to make a significant amount of money from self-employment. I went to the local H&R Block and consulted a tax professional, because I had no idea how much money to save back and no idea how to make early estimated tax payments. We sat down together, poured over my income and expenses, and came up with my estimated tax withholding. Then she gave me the link to the website where I could make estimated tax payments, which is here: EFTPS online

Below are the rules for making quarterly tax payments, which was taken from the IRS website.


For me, it’s easier to make monthly estimated tax payments. I have a folder on my computer where I save my tax payment receipts and label them with the month and year. This ensures that I have proof that I made the payments, should the IRS ever audit me. Having said that, if you qualify to make quarterly tax payments, know that you are allowed to make them more frequently, as long as you make them at least quarterly.

Another important thing to remember is that the Amazon reporting year runs late, like their payments. You’re paying taxes on what you earned (what Amazon paid you) for that month, not on the sales you made that month. This is important in helping you to correctly calculate your tax bracket. I know it sounds confusing, but don’t worry, Amazon will send you 1099s at the end of the year. Here’s a snippet from Amazon to help you better understand what I’m talking about.


With all that said, you’re probably wondering how to figure out how much you should be paying. You can read an article from the IRS about self-employment taxes here: Self-Employment Tax. There are also tons of calculators online to help you figure out how much you should be paying in self-employment taxes. But remember that you also still have to pay income tax. Income tax and self-employment tax are not the same thing. To estimate how much you’ll have to pay in both, I highly recommend using H&R Block’s Income Tax Calculator. It’s free, and it’s pretty accurate.

And also, since I talked about tax brackets quite a bit, here’s a little chart to help you understand what tax bracket you fall in. It can change from year to year, so it’s good to keep yourself updated. The chart below is courtesy of Bankrate.com


Now let’s talk about deductions. There are a lot of things you can use for deductions, but again, it’s best to consult a tax professional to get a more in depth list. Things you can use: advertising expenses, your internet bill, computer purchases, trips to conventions(hotel rooms, meals, convention costs, mileage or airfare), cover design, editing, domain name for your website, hosting, office supplies related to running your business. If there is a room in your home used specifically to write, you can deduct a portion of your rent or mortgage. I don’t personally take this deduction, because they’re really finicky about it, but if you want to try to take it, you can research it more.

Keeping records of your business expenses is important in case you do get audited. I am admittedly horrible about this. Ideally, you’ll want to save receipts throughout the year. I personally don’t do this(which is bad. Don’t use me as an example). I wait until the end of the year, then I pour through all of my credit card, debit card, bank, and Paypal transactions and separate the business expenses from the personal expenses. Doing things my way leaves you open to forgetting to take certain deductions. I almost always forget to deduct something(usually something big) by doing things this way. Having said that, next year I plan on keeping all of my business expenses on one credit card to keep things better organized. As a general rule of thumb though, you want to document everything and save your receipts, or else your end of the year taxes will be a nightmare like mine are.

If you plan to have someone else do your taxes, you can simply keep a ledger of your expenses, tally everything up at the end of the year(by category. Yes, there are different categories for expenses), and take it in to your tax professional to sort it out together.

As I mentioned earlier, all of the ebook retailers will send you 1099s at the end of the year, so keeping a record of your earned income is really only necessary so that you’ll know how much you should be paying in quarterly.

I think that covered just about everything. If I didn’t mention it, I probably don’t know the answer to it. :-p Having said that, I hope this was more helpful than confusing.

**Disclaimer: All of the links in this post are references. If you want to know more about any particular subject or the source that it was drawn from, please click on the accompanying link**

And for those of you who are super impatient, here is the TLDR version:

1.) Self-employment taxes and income taxes are not the same thing.

2.) You can calculate home much you’ll have to pay in both by going here: H&R Block’s Income Tax Calculator

3.) Pay your taxes either quarterly or monthly to avoid falling behind and underpaying. You can pay them here: EFTPS online

4.) You will pay taxes on the income paid by Amazon(and the other ebook retailers), not the income earned that has not yet been paid.

5.) All ebook retailers will send you a 1099 at the end of the year for easy tax reporting.

6.) Document your business expenses throughout the year to make things easier on yourself(and/or your tax preparer) during tax time.


Between Two Billionaires: Part Three

Between Two Billionaires: Part ThreeFrom USA Today best-selling author Sky Corgan comes the exciting conclusion to Between Two Billionaires.

Tristan Locke has secrets that run so deep they’ve warped his entire life. After claiming he killed his fiance, he does his best to push Sarah away. Shawn isn’t about to let that happen though.

Find out what happens when the truth is revealed and Sarah is forced to make the ultimate decision.

Available on Amazon US
Available on Amazon UK
Available on Barnes & Noble
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Available on iTunes
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**Coming soon to Scribd**

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